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With the best offer in terms of price, the SIMPLE line is made up of waterproof modules, of standard measurements that adapt to any space, and polylaminate or postforming finishing.


Polylaminate Polylaminate doors are manufactured based on a medium density panel support covered with polylaminate, available in solid colors and wooden designs. In the base concept, the counterface has a white melamine coating.

Postforming Postforming doors are manufactured based on a particleboard support covered with melamine paper, also available in glossy white thermolaminate.

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How does your quote request with technical visit takes place?

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Data Protection and Privacy Policy: By submitting the form, you declare to authorize the use and processing of data by PMDO, Lda., for a period of 6 months, exclusively, for the aforementioned purpose, with your data being protected in accordance with current law  of EU GPDRand providing the user with access, rectification and removal from our database.

One of our technicians will visit the property to measure the space and survey the infrastructure and types of finishing required. This is a non-invasive technical visit, which does not imply the removal or deviation of any existing element.

The technical survey usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

The measurements will then be passed on to one of our designers who will carry out a small preliminary study of the space and, accordingly, a quote to be sent by email.

Subsequently, a new contact will be made to schedule a meeting to clarify doubts and follow-up on the proposal.

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